WEICON Anti-Static

ceramic-filled epoxy resin system for anti-static coating

Product number: 10062957

R 1,326.46*

Content: 200 g (R 663.23* / 100 g)
On request.

anti-static coating system | high chemical resistance | sprayable

WEICON Anti-Static is a liquid, antistatic 2-component epoxy resin system with a high proportion of fine mineral fillers. It is used to protect surfaces against wear and corrosion. Due to the combination of high-strength particles with a viscoplastic polymer matrix, the system offers a high level of wear protection. It has good chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance. The coating adheres very well even under vibration and stretching on a wide variety of surfaces and is no-dripping. The wear protection system is free of tar and solvents and cures almost without shrinkage. Anti-Static is suitable for coating a wide variety of parts, such as rollers, pumps, chutes, conveyors, lifting screws, separators, hoppers, propellers, fans and heat exchangers.

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