Urethane 80 Putty

Urethane 80 Putty

  • 10518505    |    PU: 12
  • 4024596020385
    • Shore hardness: A 80
    • Flexible and wear-resistant coating resin with high impact strength and abrasion resistance
0,5 kg

WEICON Urethanes are two-component polyurethanes that cure at room temperature to tough rubber-like materials. They remain flexible at temperatures down to even -60°C.

WEICON Urethanes adhere to a variety of materials such as metals, concrete, rubber, wood, fibreglass and many others. They are also suitable as flexible coatings in connection with WEICON Plastic Metal (epoxy) systems.

Due to their low sensitivity to humidity they can also be used for coatings in thin layers and have a remarkably high tensile and tear strength.