• 10390005    |    PU: 1
    • pasty
    • mineral-filled
    • impact-resistant

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WEICON HP is a practically shrink-free 2-component epoxy resin with extremely high impact resistance and high abrasion resistance; it remains flexible after full cure.

The pasty epoxy resin system can be used as a high-performance solution especially for structural adhesive bondings. Due to its high elongation at break, WEICON HP can also be used for repairs on strongly vibrating machines, as wear protection for slide bearings, chutes and pipes as well as for lining heavily stressed pump housings.

This adhesive can be used universally on nearly all surfaces. Its pasty texture makes it non-drip and spreadable. That way, it can also be used on vertical surfaces and even for overhead applications. WEICON HP can be used in machine construction and systems engineering, in apparatus engineering as well as in many other industrial sectors.