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11750400.jpg Bio-Cut
  • cutting oil for all types of steel
11560200.jpg Fitting Spray
  • free of silicones and resins
11350400.jpg Silicone-Spray
  • sliding and release agent
11351400.jpg Silicone Fluid
  • special sliding and lubricating agent for sensitive areas
  • NSF approval
11300400.jpg PTFE-Spray
  • grease-free
  • excellent sliding properties (non-stick)
11600500.jpg Bio-Fluid
  • high-purity white oil
11250400.jpg AT-44 Allround Spray
  • with PTFE super power
11539400.jpg Anti-Friction Spray MoS2
  • dry lubricant
11301400.jpg PTFE-Fluid
  • dry lubricant for sensitive areas
11253400.jpg W 44 T®-Fluid
  • multifunctional oil for sensitive areas
11260400.jpg Pneuma-Lube
  • Lubricant for pneumatic equipment, high content of PTFE
pg_11251400.jpg W 44 T® Multi-Spray
  • multifunctional oil with multiple effects